Sunday, 24 January 2010

HAPPY 2010!

Time to move forward into a new year. The picture above also depicts a new position for this blog. I got it from Flickr, a social media, where producers and consumers (aka procumers) of photography meet. Pictures, posted under the creative commons segment, made available for anyone to use, under certain given circumstances..

A new year also means news for this blog. During 2010 I´m going to blog once a month. 2009 tought me that once a week doesn´t work. It is too often. It is still going to be a professional blog aimed at people interested in learning and meaningmaking in connction with exhibitions and museums. During this year I will also present guest bloggers. All the blogs are going to be illustrated with pictures from flickr. Why is that?

There are 2 main reasons. At first I want to contribute to the use and development of social media by blogging, twittering and using flickr. Hereby I combine 3 social media. Secondly it is a standpoint against a control of intellectual property rights (IPR), It is my opinion that thoughts, ideas and views shouldn´t be a commodity, they should be "free of charge" thus creating a creative commons. We all need to contribute to a collective memory if we are going to solve the big issues of today and tomorrow, the environment, starvation and a global economical and social injustice.

On Friday I´m going to visit the newly opened Modern museum in Malmo, in the south of Sweden to see what it is like and how they work with meaningmaking in this newly opened museum. It is going to be exciting. Don´t forget to register as followers. This means you will get a message every time I post a new blog. You can also add me on Twitter. My Twitter alias is Goranzone.

We´ll be in touch!