Friday, 2 March 2012


(Photo; Wuertele, Museum in San Jose)

Hi everyone!
First I want to say that I´m sorry for being silent since a year back. I found it hard to blog until I had a firm grip on our new mission, but also the fact that I have been very busy at work with very little time to blog has been a factor. But with spring aproaching everything looks literally brighter. I hope you want to continue following the blog and also to be active with comments and dialogues.
Lets go!

Yesterday I gave an account of an evaluation I´ve done for the Maritime Museum & Aquarium in Gothenburg on their work with renewal. Exciting to be able to get under the skin of an institution this way. At the same time they´ve been evaluated by the audience with a large increase of visitors during 2011. And also nominated to be Museum of the Year.
Good luck I say!

When it comes to method development and exhibitions there´s a lot happening at the moment. We at Swedish Exhibition Agency (Riksutställningar) are looking at how we can contribute to develop Generic Learning Outcomes (GLO) as a method being used in Swedish museums. We´re also in the starting blocks to co-ordinate a couple of national networks in order to co-operate with the sector on method development. We are also turning our mobile room into a edicational platform for technology and pedagogy in exhibitions. Lots of exciting thing to come and many reasons to follow us in the near future. Hopefully this will contribute to raise the standard on exhibitions in Sweden.

Internationally we are cooperating with Hands On! International and in 2 weeks time we will present the winner of 2012 Children´s Museum Award at the international children´s book fair in Bologna. The price is given in cooperation with European Museum Academy and is instigated to strengthen the development of exhibition practice for children in museums and children´s museums. Please follow Hands On! on facebook. Here´s a link to our facebook page Hands On!

This blog post is rather general to start off with. Spread the word to others who might want to follow, cause
Here we go again!

Göran Björnberg